The Art of Stacking Rings

A stack of rings is sure to show off your fashion flair and style.

Stacking rings or Stacked Rings are still a pretty hot trend. It's all about mixing and matching colors, sizes and styles to create something unique. Since there really is no right or wrong when it comes to ring stacks you don't have to worry about any fashion do's and dont's. 

Not sure where to start? 

Here are some inspirational ideas to get you going. 

Many of us hop on Instagram or Pinterest and see the ultimate ring party photo and it looks awesome right? Look closely at your favorites styles and see if there are rings with different widths together, such as pairing a dainty band with a thick chunky one.

Do they have any natural stones or diamonds?if so, consider staggering them so the gems are not vertically aligned. 

How many rings should you wear on each finger? Well that depends on what you like. Also consider if you plan on wearing them above the knuckle or mid finger. If you have a large Statement ring that you want to wear, don't fuss and let it fly solo and leave the stacking to other fingers.

Metal and Genstone Color 

Mixing Gemstones creates a dramatic look. Try Vibrant Colors such as Turquoise and pair it with a dark stone. Monochrome is also very popular which is using the same color family for a unique look.  

As far as metals go.... mix and match away. Try Yellow Gold with Rose Gold or Silver with Black Gold.

Dont forget about textured Ring Designs. Be sure to try a hammered style with a smooth texture.

Be daring and have a no rules apply attitude. Experiment with any of these combinations and show your individuality.

Oh and one last tip: get a manicure!

Adding a nice mani totally seals the deal and you are sure to have a unique and completely polished look! (literally)!